Norsk Spesialolje has the largest treatment facilities for waste oil in Norway. Processed waste oil is used by large industrial production companies as a substitute for heavy fuel oil, or as raw material at  re-refining plants.

Contaminated water


Norsk Spesialolje specializes in treating contaminated water. The processed water comes from waste oil collection, offshore oil activities, land based industries or other sources.



Norsk Spesialolje has their own laboratory for analysing waste oil and contaminated water. The laboratory is accredited for a range of relevant parameters. The laboratory also conducts analysis for external clients.



In addition to treating waste oil and contaminated water, Norsk Spesialolje offers tank cleaning services, renovation of oil/water separators and collection of waste oil in collaboration with Thorvaldsen Transport AS.

About Norsk Spesialolje AS

Norsk Spesialolje AS (NSO) was founded in 1986. NSO has since then developed into Norway’s leading company for receiving and treating waste oil and contaminated water at their facility in Moss, Kambo. The treatment plant at Kambo receives and handles the majority of waste oil collected in Norway today. During the autumn of 2014, NSO opened a new plant in Grenland. At this plant, NSO has invested over 200 mill. NOK in a state of the art facility for receiving and treating waste oil and contaminated water. Through the startup of the new plant, the treatment capacity was raised from 15.000 to 50.000 m3 annually. Additionally, the tank capacity was increased by 17.000 m3.


NSO has its own accredited laboratory to ensure that the quality of both incoming and outgoing waste is controlled. In addition to this, the laboratory offers analysis of contaminated water and waste oil for external clients.

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NSO Kambo

Kulpeveien 23

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NSO Laboratory

Kulpeveien 23

1538 Moss

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NSO Grenland
Asdalstrand 295
3960 Stathelle
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The plant at Kambo

Aerial photo of the plant at Kambo in Moss.